Are you intrigued to know why we are formed as FiftyFive Technologies?

Here goes our story

Emotions invoke life into our company

Its beginning started when Amit Jangid (our CTO) and Jyothi Sharma (our CEO) were in Sweden with their son Aayan, they saw a bus named 55. It is the first number which is recalled by their son. Hence, the number “55” has always been a lucky number for us.

The numerical aspect of the plate

According to numerology, 55 represents “Victory” & “Genius”. The great skillsets of the 5 pioneers and the first batch of 5 genius interns gave birth to “55” and is bringing victory to us.

About our Business

FiftyFive, Technologies is the go-to company for the client’s need for rapid technological transformation. We aspire to bring a paradigm shift in the way we work. From imbibing techno-creativity into the client’s software development project to empowering our people to be real change agents, we help people to think beyond technology.

We are Passionate people
We are FiftyFive tribe
We are transparent, honest & think beyond the tech

Making your product development process


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Working in unison is what we envision

There are multiple reasons for this. Here goes our story-

  • Care for our Client

    Our growth is directly proportional to our Client’s growth

  • Care for our planet

    For us “Planet” means both our Mother Earth and our stakeholders.

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    Years of experience

    We bring wealth of experience to your team

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    IT Problems solved

    We offer you great problem solvers at your rescue

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    Delighted clients

    Clients funnel our growth. We energetically work with our clients to delight them.

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    Pro team members

    Our pro team members will let you live your technology transformation journey

Meet the team

Let’s meet our Torchbearers of FiftyFive Technologies

Jyothi Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder

Amit Jangid

CTO & Co-Founder

Abhishek Jangid

CMO & Co-Founder