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Stepping up the Journey Towards Viable Port Automation

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

Cutting-edge Solutions for Customer Service Revolution

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

Adding wheels of Innovation in the Education Sector

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

ML-based Route Optimization Model

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

Customer Portal for Energy Sector

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

Problem-Solving Abilities In Corporates: One Cannot Avoid Problems, But one Definitely Can Solve Them!

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of problem-solving abilities in the job. Every industry, including business…..

Internet of Things: Transforming & Reshaping lives with Technological Enhancement

With the advent of the Internet of Things, society is ushered into a new era defined as much by…..

A Dose Of Anger Management At Corporates Is Enough To Keep You Cool And Happy!

We all understand anger and have experienced it at some point, whether it was a minor…..

The Four Enlightening Aspects of Continuous Change

“Change for the better”, “Change is the only constant” and “Change before you have to”, all these words…..

Embracing organizational democracy as a system of advancements at workplaces!

With our today’s concept of ‘organizational democracy’ comes the word ‘democracy’…..

Find out about Business Automation, why it matters, and how your Company can use it.

Automation has impacted every industry, from healthcare to assembly lines and ATMs. Machine….

Have you ever thought about the apparent paradox of sustainable technology?

You’ve seen how closely our everyday lives are entwined with various devices, and you’re hoping there’s….

Wearing the lens of Digital Twin Technology: the future is sharp and clear!

A depiction of a physical good, process, or service in the digital sphere is known as a “digital twin.”….

Hybrid Working Model: Smartness is to cut the practice of discontinuity in work & progress!

What if I say, Employees can blend working from home and in the office! Well, all thanks to hybrid….

Health problems and stress in information technology: Are you one among them?

Information technology in India has had a tremendous boost ever since the globalization of the Indian….

Unity vs Unreal: choosing the best engine is made easy!

Video game developers utilize a software development environment called a game engine,….

Digital transformation: exploring the era of electrifying transformation!

Digital transformation is taking flight to create new business practices, cultural norms, and customer….

AI and Ethics: the ethical concerns and promising future!

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other digital technology will soon have a significant impact on….

Augmented and Virtual Reality – The Future of gaming, business and much more!!

“Virtual reality” and “augmented reality” are topics of much discussion. They may sound identical….


Technology is having an increasing impact on our daily lives, which has also changed how we use services….

Redefining Human Connection at Workplace: A Thought to Promote Sensitivity in Professionalism!

Without a doubt, the year 2020 had an impact on us all. Whether the global epidemic made us feel more….

Let Your Business go Wow over the Internet with the Best Ecommerce Website design and Development Shots!

E-commerce is expanding quickly. Nowadays, consumers favor online markets. Therefore, if you….

An Improving Efficacy in Health Care takes a speedy turn with Big Data Analytics in Healthcare!

Data is prevalent in every aspect of healthcare. The amount of data from electronic health records to….

Diversity and Inclusiveness: closing the gap in the modern tech industry

Diversity in Tech is bringing a more diverse workforce in the work area with wider perceptive as compared….

The essence of Quality Assurance: Steering the Boat of Software Development Life-cycle

In this continuous innovation and modernization, Start-ups are accelerating their operations….

Online banking fraud detection: Time to find and cut down the shark net!

Banking customers today have a variety of options to communicate with their financial institutions at….

Possibilities of wearable technology in healthcare- Because compact tech is the smart way to watch health!

The development of wearable health technology and fitness devices is at an all-time high in terms of….

Nearshore development team: Why might setting up its structure be a gold mine for you?

Setting up an extended software development team instead of hiring local software experts….

Cracking the Redis vs MongoDB Code

Redis and MongoDB are databases, in case you haven’t heard of them. There are similarities and distinctions….

Software development methodologies- Time to provide a systematic approach to software development!

Here’s a quick rundown of the definition of software development. Software development…..

Kotlin vs Java: Which one should be on the cards?

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that can run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM)…..

Bank & Technology Inclusion: Making the Banking Sector Ahead of the Curve!

A lot has happened in the Banking & Financial sector, a lot is happening and a lot can happen in….

Maximize the effectiveness of the System Development Life Cycle!!

The term “system development life cycle” is widely used in the software development process….

Reactive Programming Java: The secret of ultimate model revealed!

We define reactive programming as a programming paradigm that encourages data…

Want To Step Up Your Difference Between UI and UX? You Need To Read This First

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two words that you mostly heard from your….

Solution Architect: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Organizations must alter their processes and systems to suit evolving business requirements in a quickly….

Safeguarding Security in IoT Systems

Internet of Things Security concerns, in today’s scenario, has become a focal point for many….

App Developer Company Can Make You Invincible- A frame!

App development is a multi-step process that entails a large number of individuals working….

Voice cloning with Artificial Intelligence

The underlying technologies of AI such as machine learning and Deep learning have significantly….

Impact and importance of big data and AI in today’s world

AI and Big Data are very commonly used these days and everyone is talking about that….

Enterprise App Development: Gateway to Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is the bandwagon! many companies are revamping their internal infrastructure….

The influence of AI technologies in sports: why you really need this!

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the commercial world. Artificial intelligence is making….

Digital Emotion and mapping feelings in machine – Designing empathy in Artificial Intelligence

What comes to mind when someone asks you about empathy? Will you have to work hard….

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Modernizing Patient Experience

Artificial Intelligence is quintessential for revamping the functioning of various….

How are Artificial Intelligence Call Centers revolutionizing customer Experience in 2022?

Customer experience is now at the forefront for many companies across the globe….

Why Custom software development is prominent as a service?

Growing businesses often face the decision of sticking with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)…

Benefits of choosing a reliable App Development Company

Outsourcing an App development company is very beneficial because it will help Big companies…

Flutter vs React Native: How to analyze which one is better?

This final decision with respect to which framework should be on the organization’s cards…

Salary Hikes in Tech roles: An expedition towards Automation Roadmap

The digital revolution presents a very bright future for tech minds. In the world of Start-ups…

Corporates need to have ample rooms for Women leaders

Women in leadership has been an important part of every discussion in the contemporary…

Fortune favours the Remote Capabilities

There was a time when people were present onsite to efficiently finish all the tasks for the…

Why Blockchain Technology become an apple’s eye for Many Industries?

Blockchain, Blockchain everywhere, not any other buzzword to think? Indeed, because Blockchain…

DevOps Life Cycle

DevOps is not a tool or a term, it is the process or a methodology of using various tools…

Energy & Utility Management

Each and every Industry has undergone the digital revolution. Energy and Utilities has…

Portfolio Management System

Our client is operating in the Financial services Industry and it strives to create a robust savings and…

Restaurant Management System

Our client is operating in the Food technology domain and it is one of the fastest growing Start-Ups…

Want to achieve operational excellence? Let AI & ML based Predictive maintenance do the tricks

In the Industrial revolution 4.0 manufacturing and operational issues are bound to happen…

Edge Computing in 5g

With the rapid growth of automation of industries, the use of IOT Devices has increased resulting…

DevOps: Through Covid Lens

Human transformation is essential for digital transformation. But what about pandemic? Any…

Technological solutions are the Banking & FinTech accelerator in this digital age

Technology has been a game changer in today’s scenario. It is the “Raison d’etre” (a main reason to exist)…

Home Energy Management (HEM) System

Our customer who was a startup was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing grid-edge data…

AI based sports coaching app

Our customer was working in a sports broadcast company in India & managing broadcast of most…

IoT enabled HVAC systems

Our Customer is a global group that develops and manufactures intelligent, energy-efficient indoor …

The Flamboyance of IoT and Mobile App is a never- ending phenomena

Internet of Things or we call it as “IoT” is the generic word these days. The Covid headwinds has…

IT Outsourcing from India- A key for countries to attain prosperity amidst pandemic blues

“Outsourcing has effectively managed to survive the test of the time and will make your business…

Is The Rising Of Hybrid Apps Is Changing Mobile App Development Landscape?

The Hybrid apps are gaining traction in the mobile app trends. Let me explain what is hybrid app…