Diversity drives our culture
Transformation, not transaction is our value
Flexibility in work we patronize

We relentlessly work to make life at FiftyFive full of


Life at FiftyFive

What makes Life at FiftyFive Awesome?

Have a look at the values which we preach

  • We are not working zombies

    We focus on parity between work & life. We support a playful atmosphere

  • We believe in harmony

    Harmony & Teamwork is the essence which binds us together as FiftyFive Family

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    Happy & Joyful culture

    We offer a culture full of bonhomie and happy moments.

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    Growth-oriented sessions

    We nurture ourselves by initiating the learning session by ourselves. In a nutshell, we grow & learn together.

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    Frolicsome Fridays

    We organize a “Fun Friyay” event Party at work to enliven our FiftyFive Family’s life.

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    Wellness sessions

    We conduct Yoga & wellness sessions for promoting the well-being of our FiftyFive Family.

We love to story tell & celebrate every bit of joyful moment at FiftyFive. Take a snake to peek at our beautiful life at FiftyFive