Energy & Utility Management

Each and every Industry has undergone the digital revolution. Energy and Utilities has no exception. Energy sector has been the most important sector . With the advent of 2035, renewable sources of energy will generate approximately 50% of the global power generation. With the continuous focus on green energy to reduce carbon footprints, rapid technological advancements, the landscape of the sector has been evolving. At FiftyFive Technologies we keep our pace with technology changes and provide the energy sector with customized IoT based technological solutions.

Take a quick peep into our Energy & Utility development solutions:

  • Heating technology solution: Our dedicated squad of Frontend, Backend, Fullstack developers, Test engineers and other technical specialists built a robust IoT based heating solution for device manufacturing companies so as to ensure sustainability.
  • Smart & sustainable control monitoring systems: We completely resonate with your goal to emit CO2 as low as possible so as our tech specialists. They have developed wireless control monitoring systems built using ML, AI and IoT. So that the system runs in a smooth way with the functionality of being platform independent and self learning and with great degree of optimization.
  • Support, maintenance & auto notification : Our DevOps & reliability engineers give expert care so that they can deploy the technology in the most efficient way so as to ensure great productivity.
  • Predictive maintenance: We help you build operational efficiency by providing smart systems through AI and ML based algorithms which will alert you to replace asset at right time so that it will thrust to your sales.
  • Home assistance: We efficiently deliver home any energy management solutions like temperature regulator control, IoT based devices for HVAC Industries.

Our resources have excelled and nailed our E-commerce client’s project by using the topnotch technical stacks

  • Software engineering: Backend – Java, C++, .NET, Python, JavaScript (Nodejs). Front end web – React, Angular, Mobile – Android, iOS, react native, flutter AWS/Azure/GCP, Quarkus, Golang.
  • DevOps: Gradle, Git, Jenkins, GitOps, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, Docker, Openshift
  • Big data: Hadoop, ElasticSearch, R, Kafka, Spark, Azure data lake, Google BigQuery.
  • IoT: Azure IoT Hub, Aws IoT Greengrass, Home-Assistant.
  • Machine learning & AI: Scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Knime.

Outsource our dedicated team of Technology specialists in order to build sustainable solutions with less energy consumption to minimize wastage, increase uptime and raise service levels.

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