Enterprise App Development: Gateway to Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is the bandwagon! many companies are revamping their internal infrastructure that meets the expectations of their stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Partners, Government, Public at large). In the future, investments in Enterprise software development will rise. According to the article named Mobile Economy, the mobile internet subscribers will be more than 5 billion during the year 2025 nd will grow at the CAGR of 4.5% from 2021-2025. This is giving a huge impetus to the creation of Enterprise mobility apps. There is a need for conceiving a strong mechanism for enterprise mobile app development within the large and mid-sized organizations. Let us uncover the the pointers with respect to the role of Enterprise app development as the gateway to achieve enterprise mobility.


Table of Contents

  1. Enterprise app development scenario

  2. Roadmap to achieve enterprise mobility

  3. Are Companies benefiting from Enterprise app development

  4. Conclusion

Enterprise app development scenario

Enterprise application development is an umbrella term and the it plays a very crucial role in the software development landscape because it aids companies and large organizations to operate faster and used for business problem solving purpose. It is composed of building Enterprise web & mobile applications for building efficient applications. For this organizations are hunting for skilled enterprise mobile app developers as well as web developers for effective creation. Let us dig a little bit deeper in to the scenario of enterprise app development.

  1. Breaking the rigidity

    The lesson corporates have learned from the Covid-19 outbreak is “Breaking the rigidity”. This implies that the companies cannot function conventionally. There should be the installation of software and solutions that helps in organization scalability and make things better. There some useful evidences which talks about the potential market of enterprise applications. Like according to Allied Market Research, the market size for the enterprise application development is predicted to reach $527.4 billion approx by the year 2030. The market research company observes CAGR which estimates 8.2% growth rate (2021-2030). Organizations are aware that “data is the new oil” , they know that data is ruling in all the functions and to govern and manage the data, investments in modern applications for enterprise is required. Data cannot be managed functionally so this calls for removing the rigid process and obtaining modern and robust processes as well as this calls for timely development and deployment of the application.

  2. Opportunities unfold

    As the need of Enterprise applications spread its wings in different Industry verticals like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and others, there is a huge demand for functional enterprise web app development and custom enterprise mobile app development. Multiple applications pertaining to the manpower planning, payroll management, customer relationship management, email campaign and management, supply chain management, analytics softwares for HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Research databases to analyze Industry forecasts and trends makes up a robust organization. These technologies when deployed represents a truly modern enterprise. This paved way to invest in the development of specialized softwares either internally or outsourcing the developers from the agency.

These two are the important factors which indicates the enterprise application development scenario. The role involves changing the old things, understanding the market potential and the opportunities.


Roadmap to achieve enterprise mobility

In the era of rampant digital transformation, infrastructure is the focal point for seamless operations. This is also crucial for giving better services to the customers. By Enterprise Mobility, we mean that the infrastructure should be created in such a way that it serves the remote working culture, makes the robust tools for employees so that they can effectively serve end users in a hassle free manner. It is the time to explore more in detail about different elements of sculpting a great roadmap to achieve mobility.

  1. Visionary Change management

    Ability to change for better, ability to renovate, ability for innovation, “Kaizen” and continuous improvement flows from the vision. Vision to accelerate, vision to innovate and vision to change, it could be any. The change management and the initiators need to craft a well-conceived structure for enterprise mobility. Today mobile apps and devices are used in an enormous volume. Right from the experienced professionals to young college chaps recently placed in the organization, all of them are using wireless devices, so they need a platform to perform the work tasks effectively both at work and remotely. This calls for using enterprise applications, drafting a layout which facilitates enterprise mobile app development platform, careful thinking of enterprise app development cost, requirement of skilled & tenacious developers who represents a reliable enterprise mobile app development company. These particulars should be drafted as the guidelines to embark further on enterprise mobile app development process.

  2. Intermingling technologies

    After the vision is drafted and articulated by the change management agents, the next thing in the purview is the implementation of the enterprise cross platform app development along with the mixing of technologies in the purview of enterprise mobility roadmap. The adoption of the technologies to transform the business involves diligent enterprise mobile app developers, DevOps engineers for maintaining the resilient infrastructure and other tech resources. This involves incorporation of technologies like Cloud computing as an effective deployment model, intelligent process automation development which involves IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big Data. Enterprise software development involves creating algorithms and business intelligence tools that help employees to track and spot trends, development of ERP, Human Resource softwares for effective HR operations also involves top-notch technologies developed by the developers.

  3. Reaping the benefits

    The transformation and overhaul of the infrastructure comes with a potential ROI. The enterprise mobility involves developing strong internal applications which involves reliability, cloud model helps in reducing costs and high degree of collaboration can be achieved with automated mobile devices. Based on the efficient usage and development ROI could be 35% or above 40% based on effective implementation of the transformation strategy.


Are Companies benefiting from Enterprise app development

The benefits of the enterprise mobile app development encompass

  1. Cost Reduction

    Development and deployment of cloud based applications helps in reducing IT infrastructure costs and heps in achieving organization efficiency as well as Return on Investments can also be increased to some extent.

  2. Productivity at its best

    By developing enterprise applications, people can collaborate, bottlenecks can be traced easily. Many companies develop and use specialized enterprise apps and avail enterprise mobile app development services to support team building initiatives, teams can grab a pen and whiteboard to chalk out effective strategies and can be productive together. This improves the working of remote and hybris teams.

  3. Scalability & Reliability

    The development of effective enterprise mobile apps by the dedicated enterprise mobile app developers and the usage of enterprise applications can automate workflows, helps to achieve scalability as people can perform jobs better, HR recruiters can recruit and plan resources in a seamless manner, it is reliable to build team, strong culture. Core business processes can be performed at the best. A high degree of reliability is achieved through developers and engineers incorporating cloud-native capabilities and AWS relational databases.

  4. Mitigating Business Risks & improving experience

    The development of enterprise apps for small, mid and large sized organizations can help in boosting security, mitigating business risks and improving the experience of people working in the organization, it controls flow of information through mechanisms and protocols that protect and secures crucial data and information.



Enterprise mobile app development is advantageous, reduces human error, facilitates workflow automation, people management, robust security, reduced working time to some extent, cost reduction, helps for better brainstorming among teams and is a gateway towards enterprise mobility. However, organizations must keep in mind that the overhaul of processes need to be modified and revamped on timely basis. Because, complacency is the biggest enemy, organizations should not be complacent with existing system, because there should be continuous improvement, monitoring of the enterprise apps, then suggest the required changes to the developers so that better modifications and recommendations can be properly integrated in the enterprise mobile app development process for accomplishing progressive enterprise mobility.

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