IoT enabled HVAC systems

About Customer

Our Customer is a global group that develops and manufactures intelligent, energy-efficient indoor comfort solutions for all types of properties. This allows their clients to reduce their energy consumption and their impact on the environment. This customer also supplies components and solutions for intelligent heating and control for industry and infrastructure.

Company started 70 years ago, now it has grown into a global group with 17,000 (16,600) employees on average and a global presence and generated sales of just over SEK 25 (22) billion in 2019


Building a joint platform that enables all members/child companies to connect their product over the cloud. The goal is to have 1 million connected devices to the JPI cloud with the following services by 2025:

  • To enable end users to communicate with their purchased product.
  • Provide better cost effective AI based monitoring and alerting solutions.
  • Provide clean and efficient indoor comfort using weather forecasting, scheduling and sensor data.

Solution by FiftyFive

  • Building cloud-hosted solutions back end/ platform to connect virtually any device using Azure cloud platform.
  • Developing native mobile apps for IOS, Android and web front ends for both customers and installers to monitor the current status and interact with devices remotely.
  • Developing admin web tools to provide better control to enable other partners to monitor, configure and perform upgradation of software versions and troubleshooting.
  • Building data pipelines to enable predictive maintenance and enhance better intelligent control.

Offsite Team Structure

Our team has been formed as per the required skills to build this platform with an extension of the client’s shared tech team.

Currently our team comprises of the following skill set

Resource type Experience
Azure solution architects 16
Mobile developers Average 8 Years
Full stack developers Average 8 Years
QA Average 10 Years
Data scientists 10 Years

Why FiftyFive

We help build the next generation IoT platform using Artificial Intelligence as our core . Our years of experience working with startups and established companies, and a dynamic team with the best minds has made us grow as one of the best optimum solution based service providers.

Cost Saving on overall team and best tech experts

  • Outsourcing helps to pool the best resource at an effective cost.
  • Efficient HR team and best resource pooling practice helps to save time in finding the right talent.
  • No minimum headcounts.
  • Best tech experts are hired as per the client’s requirements to form Lean and Agile teams

Hands-on experience working with swedish customer and process
Working in Stockholm for over 8 years with large and established companies (Gaming & IoT) has helped us to gain thorough knowledge in understanding the work culture and process in a clear way.

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