About Customer

Our customer was working in a sports broadcast company in India & managing broadcast of most popular sport cricket,during his job experience he has covered a lot of top coaching centres & national sports persons on playing technique. He realizes individual coaches recommend ideal sports persons when they coaching to newcomers, here the expertise comes from senior coaches who trained to national heroes or learned coaching with references.

He invested in AI based coaching platforms focusing on cricket & aim to make world class coaching platform & offers every young athlete access to the same coaching programs and extensive biomechanical analysis used by the best athletes in the world, and the same personalized training protocols

Problem Recognition

Youth sports have become an expensive proposition, costing families thousands of dollars each year & studies show that 70% of kids stop playing sports by the age of 13 due to cost and lack of access to quality coaching.

Customer’s Requirement

We identified the problem and found that our customer wanted an AI based coaching app where user can take video from his mobile, upload on cloud and AI engine sense that video, recognise the player, his poses, body joint and compare it top class player, it should show comparison and give suggestion on improvement if needed.

The vision to start with popular sport cricket and in future is to create AI based coaching to all kinds of fitness activities.

Solutions delivered by FiftyFive

Team Fiftyfive is technology partner to the customer. We are responsible for building entire solution based on AI/ML

  • Building an AI model for the game of cricket, based on image processing and computer vision. We are building custom solutions on top of the widely available library PyTorch, OpenCV.
  • Building mobile/web apps where users can upload videos and take feedback from AI models and serve the feedback to the users based on skills.
  • Building Machine learning pipeline on GCP.

Team Structure

Our team has been formed as per the required skills to build this platform with an extension of the client’s shared tech team.

Currently our team comprises of the following skill set

Resource type Experience
Data scientists 10 Years
Mobile front end developers Average 8 Years
QA Average 10 Years

Why FiftyFive

We help build the next generation IoT platform using Artificial Intelligence as our core . Our years of experience working with startups and established companies, and a dynamic team with the best minds has made us grow as one of the best optimum solution based service providers.

Cost Saving on overall team and best tech experts

  • Outsourcing helps to pool the best resource at an effective cost.
  • Efficient HR team and best resource pooling practice helps to save time in finding the right talent.
  • No minimum headcounts.
  • Best tech experts are hired as per the client’s requirements to form Lean and Agile teams

Hands-on experience working with Swedish customer and process

Working in Stockholm for over 8 years with large and established companies (Gaming & IoT) has helped us to gain thorough knowledge in understanding the work culture and process in a clear way.

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