Restaurant Management System

About the Client

Our client is operating in the Food technology domain and it is one of the fastest growing Start-Ups in Sweden. It provides cloud based, user friendly solutions to the restaurant owners where they can emphasize on their orders. Currently the client has tied up with over 100+ restaurant owners and they have integrated 2 leading food delivery third party channels in Sweden with their system and one more in the pipeline.

Client requirement

The problem which our client’s customers were grappling with is how to build a fully integrated system which connects all the third party platforms into a common platform & customer is also looking for hybrid mobile apps which can work on both IOS and Android platform. The restaurant owners find the task of managing the orders and maintaining multiple third party platforms very excruciating and tedious. Our client wants to create a unified platform as a one stop solution for the restaurant owners.

We diligently identified our client’s concerns and found that they need a unified Restaurant management system & mobile app for seamless ordering,tracking, managing staff, packaging items, costs etc. So our dedicated technical specialists built a Point of sale platform in which multiple third-party channels are integrated. The restaurant owners are facilitated with the speed and flexibility while rendering high service levels to their customers.

FiftyFive key deliverables

We, as the key technology partner of our client has been entrusted with the following responsibilities while delivering the optimum solution to our client:

  • Mobile app & web development – Our squad of dedicated Frontend and Backend specialists developed the hybrid mobile application on react native and built a fully customizable web application, ordering portals for restaurant owners which features different menus for ordering, take away, managing opening hours, Kitchen order display and other important features.
  • Our team had also rendered data analytics, Back office tool, inventory management solutions, Kitchen management system for efficient functioning of the daily operations.
  • Our team built a unified system for managing the third party through efficient cloud integration so that all the third party orders come to a common platform.
  • Our DevOps team delivered a fully automated infrastructure for the restaurant owners, including continuous delivery for all services through leveraging Kubernetes and tools like a Vault,Jenkins,SonarQube etc to ensure robustness of the infrastructure.

FiftyFive Value Creation

  • Cost saving on technology: We have built an entire solution in react native which helped them to launch hybrid mobile apps on IOS and Android platform with in limited time and reduced cost of development. Smooth operations: With the development of a single platform through leveraging cloud based integration practice, the restaurant owners can perform the activities in a hassle free manner without jeopardizing their daily restaurant operations.
  • Managing costs: Now the restaurant owners have their custom built website and fully integrated platform so they do not need to blow away their monetary resources by paying exorbitant third party commissions and other operating costs.
  • Customized Solutions: Our dedicated team rendered customized development solutions keeping in mind the “Customer first” philosophy as their focal point and delivered service levels as high as 99%.
  • Efficient management: The platform built was efficient, reliable and fully automated for managing different tasks like cas, inventory, order tracking, fulfillment etc instead of handling cumbersome excel sheets.

Team Structure

Our team has been formed as per the required skills to build this platform with an extension of the client’s shared tech team.

Currently our team comprises of the following skill set

Resource type Experience
Frontend Developers 8 years
Backend developers 12 Years
Data Scientists 10 Years
DevOps Engineers 7 Years

Why FiftyFive

We help build customized development solutions and Platforms which are amongst our core expertise. Our years of experience working with startups and established companies, and a dynamic team with the best minds has made us grow as one of the best optimum solution based service providers.

Cost Saving on overall team and best tech experts

  • Outsourcing helps to pool the best resource at an effective cost.
  • Efficient HR team and best resource pooling practice helps to save time in finding the right talent.
  • No minimum headcounts.
  • Best tech experts are hired as per the client’s requirements to form Lean and Agile teams

Hands-on experience working with Swedish customer and process

Working in Stockholm for over 8 years with large and established companies (Gaming & IoT) has helped us to gain thorough knowledge in understanding the work culture and process in a clear way.

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