Whether you have just started a business or want to accelerate it further with a need to introduce Ai solutions, 55Tech can help you to transform your business. According to Froster report, organizations that scale Ai are seven times more likely to be faster growing business in the industry.

At 55 tech Ai, we have developed a prescriptive framework with large amount of Ai engagements. we can help you to determine, where you are in your Ai journey and the next step need to take your Ai aspirations into business outcome. we will help in transforming the existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and business resiliency.

Our Ai scale is a guiding principle for your organization with Applied Intelligence to transform the business through four keys. Collection of vast data, organizing the data, analyzing the data, and finally infusing Ai into your organization.

Our capabilities:

We help our customer in radically improving their business in three ways.


Forecasting your business environment at both the micro and macro level through predictive model using machine learning algorithms that look for trends and predict future changes for your business.


Automating your business with Ai will help to overcome the common errors and faster predictive analysis that saves the employee time and so they are free to focus on high value work.


This spans from optimizing routing, logistics and marketing spend to configuring the cloud installation.

Our Ai scale is guided with some of the best tools adopted for the predictive data analysis. Like






We believe in value added transformations in the business of our customers. we adopt a continuous unified prescriptive approach in information architect (IA) to accelerate the journey to Ai by unlocking the valuable data in a multicloud world.

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