In today’s digital world, you cannot afford building a passable or sluggish product. To meet the growing and challenging demands of the client we are determined to deliver an uncompromised quality through complete automation of the testing process, offering a competitive advantage of a reliable and efficient software solution with high quality standards which stands par with the global requirements..

How FiftyFive QA Automation can help your business with improved software automation.

Cost reduction

The automation reduces the cost of a failure. The errors are detected, and changes are made early before the release itself. It gives you a strategic benefit of the corporate image protection when the product goes live.

More scalability

The automation framework is designed to cover over 90% of the UI and features of your application. It runs frequently until all the faults are fixed and can be scaled according to your product growth to cover every new feature.

Faster launch time

The automated test sets run at least 10 times faster than manual testing. Moreover, they can run simultaneously on various browsers and platforms, speeding up the delivery process, and allowing you to launch the product fast.

Minimized Human Factor

Even mistakes are made by the best engineers. An automated QA process serves to detect these mistakes fast and fix them before the release. This lays a solid foundation for manual testing, eliminating the risks of an error.

How Automation process works

Initiatory Project Analysis

Framework Development

Test Case Development

Test Case Implementation

Documenting Test Reports

QA experts at FiftyFive Technologies provides high performant software testing services. Here are the breadth of software testing capabilities

Functional testing

Automation testing

Performance testing

Data base testing

Usability testing

Our QA Automation experts use the following open-source automation tools for efficiently performing software quality & functional testing




Apache JMeter

Why Partner with FiftyFive Technologies for Quality Assurance Services

At FiftyFive Technologies, we work to give product quality assurance to our customers with the latest state of the art engineering that helps your business grow faster with less costing and intense comprehensive reporting, as we believe in your growth through our automation. We thoroughly understand that in the journey of software development life cycle, from conception to the shipping of the final product, QA automation is the “Part & Parcel” task in order to commercialize the software which meets the high quality standards. Our QA specialists keep the philosophy of delivering the error free software at their forefront and they bring the following values to your table-

Client-first approach

Our squad of QA engineers keep client’s specifications at first position.

Trust & Ownership

Bringing in the value of complete ownership and trust while validating the web & mobile applications and ethically documenting the quality reports to ensure high quality standards.

Accuracy in removing bottlenecks

Our team of dedicated QA automation experts accurately trace bugs and remove bottlenecks so as to ensure that the bugs do not act as the third wheel in the journey of software development and the final delivery.

Cross-functional ability

Our QA engineers strongly demonstrate the value of collaboration with cross functional teams so that the software is delivered with required quality and in line with the client’s functional and design specifications.

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