The essence of Quality Assurance: Steering the Boat of Software Development Life-cycle

In this continuous innovation and modernization, Start-ups are accelerating their operations, launching new products and hiring a large number of techies to build the best applications along with the seamless software development lifecycle. The journey of software/product development life cycle involves several challenges and problems. In order to make the cycle from development to release a very smooth and error free process, the role of Quality assurance comes into play. In this article we are going to cover the essence of Quality assurance and Software tester in creating massive product breakthroughs.


Table of Contents

  1. Quality Assurance: En-route to product excellence

  2. Wearing a hat of Software tester

  3. QA and it’s relationship with other stakeholders

  4. Conclusion

Quality Assurance: En-route to product excellence

Striving for product excellence is a prima-facie objective when it comes to delivering delightful customer experience. By this we mean that each & every function, components, features and so on should be well tested by the Automation testers. Software testing plays a very important role. This statement can be justified by finding the market potential of Software testing. The study conducted by, revealed that the Crowdsourced testing market size, globally is expected to grow at a 9.4% CAGR (2022-2027), another study from Globalnewswire also highlighted that the Software testing services globally is expected to surge by $55.76 bn and witness 15.07% CAGR (2022-2026). These facts presents a positive picture of the Software testing potential. The major drivers include- a paradigm shift in internet penetration, increase in mobile phone usage, relentless focus towards providing app and website experience. These drivers create a need to test mobile as well as the web applications in order to deliver the best, error free product experience.

Let’s discuss the key drivers which give impetus to the software testing and automation to achieve product excellence.

  1. The presence of Automation

    Software testing augments end-to-end automation across the software testing journey of the product and helps the clients to improve their product’s quality and time-to-market.

  2. Increased mobile app usage

    Now, many people are preferring mobile apps. This clearly emphasizes how imperative software testing is. In order to achieve a great user experience, companies are investing in software testing and ensuring the effective deployment of a robust platform that can bot, automation and manual test on OS versions and multiple devices which work on different parameters. Companies are also hiring testers to maintain high standards of quality deployment, speed, simplicity & scalability which matters to the users and ultimately leads to product excellence.

  3. Focus on multi-dimensional quality

    Today to attain a product-market fitment and excellence, Companies are focusing multi-dimensional aspects of the quality which captures all the nuances of the quality, creates test designs taking into account different factors, examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the test case plans, making proper execution of the test case scenarios and it also covers hierarchical testing methodology so that anomalies and incompatibilities can be traced accurately so that quality issues get resolved time to enhance the overall product development life cycle.

  4. On-demand skill

    We all are well-versed with the fact that we are living in the digital age, where usage of internet, web and mobile applications have enormous demand. It can be analyzed that many organizations have solid digital transformation strategies and they want to provide exceptional user experience to achieve customer loyalty. This paves way for quality assurance and rise in demand for the test engineering skill. According to the news by TimesofIndia, the role of Software testing got an 18% surge and it secured a spot among top five on-demand skills in India other than Java, CloudInfra and Data Analytics in the month of September to November, 2021. This clearly demonstrates that the scope of quality assurance and software testing is part and parcel for product excellence.


Wearing a hat of Software tester

The role of a software tester includes a wide array of activities like understanding client requirements, priorities, analyzing data, manifesting flexible approach, willingness to provide continuous support, reporting, collaborating with other functional teams, stepping into the shoes of end users and what not!

In short, they need to be a great problem solver and a multitasker. Let’s explore what kind hats Software testers wear.

  1. Tech-minded problem solvers

    Quality assurance testing involves the problem solving and the Software testers are the problem solvers who strive to focus on continuous improvement, innovation and ensuring 100% user satisfaction. Some problem solving scenarios can be security and safeguarding data security concerns by meticulously testing softwares and applications in order to ensure that the data in the applications are free from any risks and vulnerabilities. They always need to have a flair for continuous exploratory testing to locate hidden problems and eliminate the errors. They strike a balance between manual and automated testing and use them diligently based on the complexity of the bug, number of records and complexity of the problem.

  2. QA shoulders huge responsibility

    Wearing the hat of a Quality tester comes with an enormous amount of responsibilities to shoulder upon. Because quality and delivery of a product is the crucial aspect of the entire product life cycle. In this QA testers need to guarantee clients that the product has passed the highest degree of excellence and it is free from bugs. They spend their time on testing each and every component, features and other essential elements and create multiple scenarios and play with the combination of scenarios for validation against the criteria. They test multiple scenarios and analyze tons of data to play with the scenarios. Even regression testing is also used. It can be deduced that they need to burn their midnight oil in order to get accuracy and zero defects in the product.

  3. QA testers are a strong support

    We have discussed in the above point that QA testers hold huge responsibilities, they provide huge support to developers and clients. They assist the clients not only in implementing the test plans and strategies but also in analyzing the strength and weakness of the product and ensuring consistency in the processes. Suppose the product has been attacked by pests so we used pest control chemicals to protect the product. In the same way QA testers are the saviors and protect the software and applications from glitches. QA testers act as an emollient that smoothens the product development lifecycle and helps in delivering delightful & frictionless customer experience.

  4. The role of QA is not confined to just tools

    QA testers have a broad role to play, be it any Industry vertical- Finance, Healthcare, Retail or E-commerce all require QA testers. QAs role is beyond the testing. They are not only confined to using User, Functional testing, Manual testing, Selenium, cypress or any other automation tool, rather they go beyond their realm of original work and collaborate with cross-functional teams to satisfy customer’s requirements and expectations so that they deliver excellent products. They contribute to the quality, reliability, price, speed and functionality of the application or the product.


QA and it’s relationship with other stakeholders

QA testers have multiple relationships as well as the collaboration with the developers to show the documentation of the test results, helps the clients in process improvements during the final delivery of the product, actively engages himself/herself in the sprints with the team, collaborate and interact with the product managers and the entire product team to understand the intent as well as the product vision.



In today’s scenario testing has become more dynamic. Organizations leverage AI and bots in which the testers feed the scripts and it will test the bulk data to detect the anomalies accurately. Many strategic partnerships are being made to reshape the software testing process. This article presents conclusive evidence that the field of QA testing is pivotal because QA testers never leave the key people involved in the software development life cycle in lurch and provide the best support. Come rain or shine QA testers will always strive for rapid innovation to help Companies accomplish high quality product standards and steer the boat of the software/product delivery process.

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